Hakan Akbas specializes in executive mentoring services related to C-level and high-potential managers who are facing change management challenges. Hakan collaborates with distinguished networks such as CEO Club, Endeavor Türkiye and sits on the boards of Governance Association of Turkey TKYD, International Investors Association YASED and US Chamber of Commerce's US-Turkey Business Council.

We offer four different products:

  1. Basic level -  One month of service includes personal mentoring 2-3 hours, email/phone access (with quick response within 48 hours), newsletter
  2. Practitioner level - 3 Months of service includes personal mentoring 2-3 hours, email/phone access with quick response within 48 hours), newsletter, networking access
  3. Master level - 6 month of service includes - personal mentoring 2 hours, email/phone access (with quick response within 24 hours), newsletter, networking access, and access to Group Calls.
  4. VIP Advisory Call – 4 hour session with prep-work and email follow-up. [Help with up to 2 specific issues preferably change management related problem. Diagnose the problem, identify key stakeholders. Create an action plan customized for stakeholders. Follow-up with email]


All successful leaders need a good mentor. If you wish to power-boost your career, earn the lasting loyalty and motivation of you team members and build a reputation for delivering sustained shareholder value, please call us for a free consultation session.

Please contact us for individual and group rates. Contact us now to take charge of your destiny!

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